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About Us

Derek Dunmyer : Unparalleled Expertise in Real Estate

When, we talk about construction, real estate dealings, many options boggling in our mind. If you are feeling the same, then solution of your problem is here with professional and proficient team of Derek Dunmyer. With his exceptional background in multi-channel remodeling, marketing & management uses all the highest practices and the best in the business tools to use in unique and creative ways, producing very impressive results which outmaneuver all other Agents.

With Derek Dunmyer assistance, buying, selling, or investing can be highly achievable, who lends a unique perspective in the home buying, selling & remodeling process. His background in home construction, residential and commercial properties make for a winning combination in helping homebuyers and sellers alike achieve their real estate goals.

He also excels at the negotiating table, navigating even the most challenging situations with grace and ease. People find her warm and down to earth, with an uncanny ability to connect with them on a personal level. 

Derek Dunmyer is passionate about this business that has given him much success and a deep sense of fulfillment over the years. If you're buying a home, we will help you identify the properties that match your needs and preferences and take the right steps to ensure you close the deal. If you're selling, we know how to effectively market your property to the right buyers, and help you get the best possible outcome from the sale.

Our Services

Land & Development

We have assembled a competent team to plan and develop strategic properties in ideal locations. Through the years, our company has stayed true to our commitment to building a better world  by transforming barren tracts into landscaped green belts housing world class commercial, residential and recreational properties. We always strive to offer best services to clients and community.

Marketing & Management

Our customized marketing plan is specific to each home's personality and has proven to be our winning strategy for your success. We are passionate about providing cost-effective and holistic solutions for our customers while creating and adding value for our partners and stakeholders. Over the past many years our company has emerged as one of the most progressive and multi-faceted real estate and construction entities around.


Our business philosophy lies in the commitment to creating architectural marvels using state-of- the-art technology and global architectural, construction and business practices. We are steadfastly focused on continuing to create and build dreamscapes that transform lives and the world around us. There are few parallels in the annals of the real estate and construction industry that emulate the success trail blazed by Derek Dunmyer and our Company Cashmere Construction.


Sarah Taylor-Green

"Cashmere Construction Company was recommended to me and I was pleased to speak with Derek Dunmyer and to learn that he had people working in all areas of construction. This saved me so much time and consideration when I needed to move quickly. The workers who came were efficient, friendly, got right to work, and left no messes. Derek explained about his company, was forthright in his appraisal and very helpful with dates, time of work, etc. He returned to make sure all the work was completed as planned out. I would, and will, recommend Derek and his company to others needing work to be done."

David Campbell

"Derek Dunmyer and his team at Cashmere Construction were very professional from the first day they arrived at my house. They swept the front sidewalk to prevent tracking debris into my house. they also put canvas floor runners down from my front door all the way to the bathroom they were remodeling. At the end of each day they were rolled up and put outside my house. I was kept informed of any changes or delays to the repairs or the schedule. Only minor cost increase when hidden damage was found when the flooring was removed. This was my first remodel job so I was a little nervous. Derek made it easy for me and now that it's done, I think 'why did I wait so long to do this'. I love my new bathroom and will be calling Cashmere Construction for any needs that I have in the future."

Rex Robertson

"We hired Cashmere Construction on a friend's recommendation to install a hood over our range. The job required some careful demolition, tiling, rebuilding the crown molding, and the actual installation of the hood as well as the venting system. Derek and his crew did excellent, professional work in an organized, timely way. Derek gave clear timelines for when the work would start and end, and the project started on time and finished ahead of schedule. They did a lovely job and we are very happy with the work. Thank you, Cashmere Construction!"

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